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  • Urban Capital

    As urban regenerators, Urban Capital has been a pioneer in introducing residential developments in previously industrial or warehouse districts, typically setting a trend that results in a flourishing new neighbourhood. Forward-looking in terms of architecture and interior design, and always willing to break the mold, Urban Capital has led the design trend towards modern, clean-looking buildings that complement their urban surroundings. 
All of its work has pushed the envelope or pioneered new thinking — be it in terms of urban location, high-end yet functional design, or green living. With over 4,000 units now delivered or under development, Urban Capital is today building on that corporate DNA while exploring new markets that extend east to Ottawa, Montreal and Halifax, and west to Winnipeg. All benefit from a progressive approach to residential development that includes new architectural designs, new interior features and layouts, and new environmental measures. All elements we consider to be the smartest way to build for the future.

  • Malibu Investments Inc.

    Progressive, urban minded and with an understanding of how progress, architecture and community must meld, Malibu, for more than a decade, has claimed its place in Toronto’s ever changing skyline – with iconic buildings designed to reflect the character of their neighbourhood while providing residents with modern amenities designed to complement their lifestyles. In many areas of the City, Malibu’s developments have been the catalyst in the rejuvenation of existing neighbourhoods by recognizing the hidden potential of unique locations. From Malibu Harbourfront and LTD Condominiums, in the Fort York Neighbourhood, to Gramercy Park at 
the Wilson Subway and Boutique 
Condos in the heart of the Entertainment District – Malibu’s residential designs cater perfectly to the urban lifestyle. Through its commitment to using the most advanced materials and methods, Malibu has set the highest standards for all its developments – infusing quality construction with smart urban design.

  • architectsAlliance

    Innovative and adventurous, progressive and resourceful, aA’s team of 45 architects, designers and technologists provide the full spectrum of services, applied to a scope of practice that ranges from academic and institutional buildings to large-scale mixed-use developments: condominiums and affordable housing, classrooms and research labs, private courtyards and urban streetscapes. Through each project aA articulates a compelling and appropriate response to context, and an urbane response to density that enriches the public realm and the experience of city life. aA projects can be found throughout Canada, the United States, and Europe.

  • II BY IV Design

    Universally renowned as industry leaders, II BY IV Design believes in a passionate approach to finding innovative and functional design solutions for all their projects. II BY IV Design has remained a favourite go-to interior design firm for private residences, retail boutiques, and the interiors, communal spaces and presentation centres of condominium developments. Their goal: inspiring successful, artful, visually provocative spaces that fit client and consumer needs – and still provide the visual impact that reinforces the II BY IV design signature.

  • MarketVision

    MarketVision is one of Toronto’s leading residential condominium marketing firms and has the research and expertise to assess the marketability of a condominium development and then successfully bring it to the demographic and target market it best serves. Many of Toronto’s most successful projects have been assessed, nurtured and successfully sold and resold through the talents and enthusiasm of the MarketVision team. Eve Lewis, founder of MarketVision, is also the founder and CEO of Urbanation, Toronto’s authoritative source for timely information on the condominium market.