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Our condos are small by design and 
by clever design made to feel larger too. For instance, our smallest suites appear as one space, but easily transform into living rooms and bedrooms. In many suites, kitchen islands are designed with integrated dining tables, saving space but not compromising function. All of our kitchens and bathrooms are highly efficient, so they can be “right-sized” for today’s smaller urban residences. So while living in less, there is still room to do more...

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    Smart Kitchens

    How do we make our kitchens sizzle in our smaller suites? Through smart design and a clever choice of space-saving ideas that make the micro-refined go macro-sonic. The smart standouts: an extra-deep counter space with an additional fully-retractable countertop; a slick kitchen island/dining table combo that accommodates all your dining habits; more storage space than usual; and integrated space-saving appliances, including a combination convection oven-microwave, a tall dishwasher drawer, and an integrated fridge. Fitting right in: all the elements that allow you to cook, warm, toast, roast, chill, freeze and do all the clean up.

    Smart House - Smart Kitchens
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    Smart Bathrooms

    Our approach to our bathrooms is to seamlessly integrate everything so that no space is wasted. What you’ll see in these cleanly designed, ultra-smart spaces is this: an integrated vanity cabinet and sink, a specialty mirror/medicine cabinet with integrated lighting; a wall niche in what would otherwise be empty pipe space, for extra storage; and a custom designed shower with a seamlessly installed frameless glass door. See, small can be beautiful and a pleasure too.

    Smart House - Smart Bathrooms
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    Smart Storage

    We maxed out storage by making every precious inch count. The result, closets that use all available cubic footage and then optimize their function with shelving all the way to the ceiling, built-in drawers, and efficient hanging areas. And, of course, we’ve made that high storage space easy to access with closet doors that open right to the top of the closet.

    Smart House - Smart Storage
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    Smart Furniture

    For all those who want to cut the clutter and really make even the smallest of our condos count, we created a furniture package that’s ideal for just moving in and grooving. This package aims at maximizing and transforming space through smart and multi-functional features. For instance, one room functions as two when there’s built-in furniture that switches from a sofa in the daytime to a bed at night, and European hardware that makes the transformation effortless. You’ll also find beds that have built-in storage, and living and dining room furniture chosen to fit like a glove.

    Smart House - Smart Furniture Package
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    Smart Technology

    At Smart House we’re working to bring condo living into the future. Not only will we be offering the fastest internet services available, but our Smart House Technology Package will also include a custom mobile app that will remotely control your lighting, interior temperature and ventilation, blinds, in-suite alarm and music system, as well as a whole host of time-saving and utterly convenient lifestyle options.

    Smart House - Technology Package
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    Smart Urban Size

    Smaller and smarter, that’s Smart House. The building doesn’t overwhelm the street but instead tucks in nicely (albeit with a high degree of style) to its Queen West surroundings.

    Smart House - Smart Size
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    Smart Opportunity

    Because of the 4-storey zoning restriction along Queen to the east and west, Smart House is a unique opportunity in this part of town. Indeed: you won’t get a chance at a building like this along this stretch of Queen ever again. Is it smart to get in on something
that cannot be repeated? Yes it is.

    Smart House - Smart Timing
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    Smart and Green

    Reducing your carbon footprint without reducing the function of your space is smart. Complementing the walkability of our location, Smart House has features that significantly conserve energy, including energy-efficient windows, lighting, appliances and ventilation. 
From bike parking to the ability to individually control the use of energy 
in your suite and more, our green 
features ensure the everyday ease of 
eco-smart living.

    Smart House - Smart and Green